Prodigy Aerial Silks Hook

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This hook provides a strong and elegant rigging point for your fabrics, specifically designed for aerial silks.

The large round barrel of this hook distributes the load of the user more broadly along the length of the silks meaning your silks will last longer, and remain stronger!

The mild steel hooks have a WLL of 300kg. The product has been tested all the way to breaking point of above 50kN.

The variety of knots available for this hook also mean that you can get much cleaner separation between the two strands of your silk without affecting the working load or risking the silks slipping.

300kg WLL (5:1)
Material: Steel
Manufacture: UK
Weight: 660g
Dimensions: 13cm x 15cm x 5.1 cm  ( 51mm (2") steel tube, 10mm (3/8") solid steel hanger )
precision welds
durable powder coating
custom-made endcaps

Made in the UK

Aerial Silks Rigging Prodigy

Aerial Sillks Rigging Prodigy Hook

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